Hi les Beautés !

I’m Ghislaine, but I go by Gigi 🙂 ! I’m French and Moroccan, and I live in Paris, La Ville Lumière (the City of Lights). Through this page, I would like to share with you 2 of my passions.

One of my passion is definitely makeup! Do I have a clothing monthly budget ? No, do I have a makeup budget ? Y E S ! Because I like to try new products or brands. Here, I would like to share with product reviews, makeup tips, skin care routines, and little DIYs that will work magic on your hair or skin ! 🙂

The other passion I’m talking about here is writing 🙂 ! I like to describe everything hah, but I also like my posts to be dynamic for you. Plus I like to mix English with French or Arabic, so here is your chance to learn a bit more French.

Lesson #1 : Beauté = Beauty 🙂 That’s who you are, a Beauté <3 This blog will show you product to enhance your beauty, but not to hide it. It’s my thing. I like the idea of a #nomakeup day. You have to let your skin breathe at least once a week. But what I like to do, is once a week go to work with no makeup on, because I need to learn and assume who I am naturally 🙂

Do you agree with me on this ? Or will try to do it ?

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy creating it ! It’s a big challenge to me, and I thank you for being part of it. I will take your every single comment into account, never hesistate to leave me one 🙂

I wish you a beautiful day <3