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I would to share with a new product review on the… Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette! YAS! I have read and seen so many reviews on this palette… When I received it, I was very surprised ! THE QUALITY IS GREAT!

The packaging

Rose Gold Palette in a sleeve

Let’s start with the packaging because for some of us, this is very important. The palette comes in a sleeve, printed with her eyes on it. Then when you take it off, here comes the palette! The top of the palette is clear, so you can see the colors (so yes there is no mirror… but to me this is not important at all, I can never do my makeup using a small mirror haha). If you have other products from HudaBeauty, you can see that the packaging has been made the same way as her other product. It is always a clear top so you see the product)

The color panel


Now let’s talk about the eyeshades J There are 18 colors, talk free, with an extra pigmentation. I would divided those shadows in 4:

  1. The base color: Bae, a very soft nude color
  2. Matte colors: They come in 9 shades, with great pigmentation à Bossy: a nice plum color –Flamingo: a flashy pink – Shy: a sweet soft pink – Black Truffle: a deep black – Suede: a very nice light brown to grey color – Coco: a nice dark woody brown – Maneater: a dark magenta – Henna: a ginger color, like natural henna when it dries – Sandalwood: a sand color
  3. Pealrized eyeshadow: Angelic: pink with small golden pearls – Moon dust: a beautiful very soft gold pearly highlighter
  4. Textured eyeshadows: Their texture is unique and gives you that 3D effect! They are pure creamy pigments that they advice you to apply with your finger. I would say that there two kind of texture: one in which you can see the foil, one with finest pigment. Finest à Dubai (finest): an olivy goldy shimmery color – Fling: a raspberry shimmer color – #blessed: an orangey gold to copper; Foiled pigments color à 24K: a gold bullion color ! – Rose gold: like the name a rose gold extra pigmented color – Trust fund: a copper color

FLING <3, Bossy and Angelic have my heart <3

With light

So now what about the pigmentation quality? how to apply them?

Globally I’m impressed! The pigmentation is great! Fall out ? no! no dust for me! The matt colors blend really well. I did my makeup at work for a party, and the color panel of the palette impressed all the people who saw the palette. It has all the color you need to create any eyelook, from the most natural to the most extravagante looks! Here are some combination I love :

  • Nude look : Bae as a base, Sandalwood as a transition color and coco for the corner of the eye.
  • Pink look : Bae as a base, Shy as a transition color, Flamingo to definite the crease , Angelic in the mid lid and Bossy mixed with Black Truffle to use as a soft eyeliner. Then apply a little of Moon Dust as a highlighter.

I will try to take a picture of different looks on my next articles.


Now you must be like ok but how to apply it! Well, with the matt colors or the pearlized shimmery colors, all eye-brush can work with it 🙂 Now for the 3D colors, or the texturized pigments, they advise to use your finger. But, with the Dubai, Fling an #Blessed, I can definitely pick the colors up using a flat tick brush (as Zoeva234 Luxury Shader). Now for the 3 other colors 24K, Rose Gold and Trust Fund, you have to use your finger to pick it up. The alternative is to use a silicon brush because the texture is close to the skin texture. Ideally get a small brush (I got mine in a craft store).

I’m very impressed by the quality of this palette! I know there are a lot of debates around this palette. To me, I think this palette is very innovative, and there is no other palette that will offer you this 3D effect. Like any innovation, it could be sometimes surpising, in a good or bad way. This one is definitely in a good way. Once I tried it, I fell in love. Really it is a go to product.

Is it a great gift for Christmas! Let’s wait patiently for the restock of the palette!

Besos my love and please don’t hesistate to give your opinion on this article (the way it’s written, the content..) and if you have any question, I would be glad to reply.

<3 Bonne semaine les amours





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