Hello Beauties !

Today let’s talk about eyeliner ! My love for this product is infinite ! I think, that after mascara, it is my second investment in make-up.

But, as all of us must know, it is soooo hard to apply ! Our favorite brands have tried to search for innovative solution to make this step easier.

Through this article, I will try to show the different formulas available in the market and the pro and cons of each one.

But first how could we qualify an eyeliner as good ?\

  1. The pigmentation! Personally I like the color to be vibrant and super pigmented. I like a real dark brown (not a greyish color)
  2. The easiness of application! You want something that will easily draw on your eye, not something that you will have to go over and over to draw your line.
  3. That stays! Firstly when you apply the eyeliner and you go over it, you don’t want it to erase (and some eyeliner do that!). Secondly, during the day you don’t want it to smudge all over your eye, you just want it to stay.

Those are the 3 most important points to me 🙂


In the market, you will have different products that will offer you all those 3points or none depending on the formula, your skin, and the way you apply your eyeliner J

In the markets you have 3 main types of eyeliners :

  • The liquid eyeliner: it is a textured liquid formula that you apply using the given brush. It is like a tick ink to draw a line. The tip of the brush needs to be fine for an easy and precise application. The pros of this kind of formula is that in general colors are vibrant ! Plus the fine point of the brush always you to have a defined application. The cons to me is just the easiness of application…. As I have long curly eyelashes , I really struggle using them haha.

Here is a picture of 3 of my favorite formulas, special note for the Mikyajy one <3 .


  • The pen eyeliner: It is a felt to eyeline your eye 🙂 It is a very light texture and it is super easy to apply. This is great for beginners ! I love love love this kind of formula ! But you have to chose carefully yours because those can be tricky :
    • Make sure you can apply it on powder. Because it’s a very light formula, sometimes it doesn’t apply very well on powder.
    • The pigmentation ! yes yes yes… those tend not have this deep dark color

Big up for Urban Decay Perversion eyliner <3 and Zoeva Cat Eye Liner <3


  • The pencil eye liner: a dark pencil to draw a line…. Personally I pass on that kind of formula… the line is too thick and its smudge too much. So it’s good if you’re looking to smudge it 🙂


  • The gel liner! It is a pot with a very thick pasty formula that you apply with a brush (in general not sold with it). Below are two kind of brush you can use by Zoeva. I believe this type formula is great ! The only thing is that you have to to find the right brush 🙂 try to find the smallest one possible to control better the application.

Benefit has launched this pencil gel eyeliner that you can see below, but I still prefer the traditional pot and brush 🙂 . I don’t have anymore, but one of the great deal quality-price is the gel liner by L’Oréal <3

Voilà ! Hope you find this article useful ! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question in mind and share your thought on this !

Besos Beautiful!


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