Are you looking for a flawless tailored makeup solution?

Here is my solution for you guys!

I’m so versatile when it comes to foundation…. Globally I look for a foundation with a medium to good coverage, a light texture, a soft look (not a caky foundation), great pigmentation, and one that keeps my skin breathing… not too picky huh ?

The problem is that depending on the day, my mood, life… I’m looking for a different coverage, a different feeling, a different something! Soooo one foundation is never enough! I have one per mood haha ! s(that is why I have a huge collection of foundation haha, are you the same?

In Huda Beauty Master Classs goodie bag, I have discovered this magical product called Custom Cover Drops by Cover FX. It is pure foundation pigment that you can mix with oil, primer, moisturizer à this is what I call the duo product, the one you mix with….

It allows you to create what the foundation you need with your favourite products. The Cover Drops are different because they’re higly pigmented (like no other foundation). According to the coverage you are looking for, you’d need to balance the pigment and the “duo product” you are using.

How to use – Memo card

Here are 4 different combos that I use in function to what I’m looking for.

  • Becca Backlight Luminous Priming Filter is a primer that will give you a nice “natural” glow. This is really good when you’re looking for a healthy look. So in the morning, when I look greyish because of the fatigue, or when I’m looking for a nice glow without being too shiny, I mix it with the cover drops !
  • Pore’fessional by Benefit is a very texturized silky primer used to reduce the size of pores. I mix this one with the cover drops when I’m looking for a silky flawless look ! It would give that gorgeous glamerous look you can find in manazines.
  • Clarins Multi-Active Jour is a day cream with a 15 SPF that targets fine lines. It a good moisturizer that nourish skin without making it oily. I mix this cream when I’m trying to make my own BB cream 😉
  • When I need a stronger SPF protection, I just use a sun cream, the Curaspot Dermocontrol non-comedogene (very important J), SPF 30. I mix itto create my tinted sun cream.

Now the question is how much Custom Cover Drops would you need to use? Here Cover FX says that you have to use:

  • 1 drop for light coverage
  • 2 drops for a medium coverage
  • 3 drops for a full coverage
  • 4 for total coverage

+ a plump of your “duo product” (the one used to mix with the drops!) 🙂

Note that in function of the colour and texture of your duo product, you would need to adjust the drops to get the colour you’re looking for. For instance, for a same coverage I would need a bit more pigments (drops) using my sun cream (that is very white) than with my Pore’fessional (nude color).

The Custom Cover Drops offers a large palet of colors : pink, neutral and golden tones. I use the G40 (Golden 40). Lucky me, it is the perfect matching color J. It costs 44$.

Go checkout their page here:

Have you ever used this product or something similar? Personally I’ve never did until now and I’m totally convinced that this product is great ! Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below if you have any comments or question ( I will be so happy to reply!) ! looking forward the next article !

Besos my love !

GG mkp

And don’t forget, makeup is not to hide your natural beauty, just to enhance it !

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